About NFER Tests

Our standardised assessment range includes mathematics and reading assessments for use across years 1-6 and grammar and punctuation and spelling materials for use across years 3-6. Below are just some of the reasons why thousands of schools choose NFER Tests to reliably monitor attainment and progress and inform teaching and learning.

Our materials are:

  • written by our team of assessment experts, in collaboration with teachers
  • trialled with over 60,000 children, to ensure age-appropriate materials and meaningful data
  • engaging for pupils, with materials that reflect the style and challenge of the national curriculum tests
  • consistent in producing data that is reliable and robust
  • supported by a free, easy-to-use online analysis tool.

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The NFER Tests range

All our assessment materials are based on over 70 years of research, so you can be sure you are making a sound investment for your school.

Our key stage 1 reading and mathematics assessments are available for use in the year 1 spring and summer terms and the year 2 autumn and spring terms.

Our key stage 2 reading, mathematics, grammar and punctuation, and spelling assessments are available for termly use across years 3-5, and in the year 6 autumn and spring terms.

How NFER Tests support teaching and learning

All NFER Tests provide both standardised and age-standardised scores to help you benchmark your pupils’ results against the results of pupils nationally, and make accurate comparisons between pupils and groups of pupils in your school. In addition, our summer tests provide reliable age-related expectations measures. Within many of our teacher guides you will also find formative guidance to help you identify strengths and areas of weakness.

Our free online analysis tool can be used to convert your pupils' data and raw scores into a series of instant reports and analyses in just a few clicks!