About NFER Tests

The NFER Tests range includes reading and mathematics assessments for years 1-6 and grammar and punctuation and spelling assessments for years 3-6. Assessments start in the year 1 spring term and are available for termly use through to the year 6 spring term.

When you choose NFER Tests you can be sure you are making a sound investment for your school. Below are just some of the reasons why thousands of schools rely on NFER for assessment.

NFER Tests are:

  • based on 75 years of assessment research
  • developed by assessment experts, in collaboration with teachers
  • child-friendly, while offering an age-appropriate level of challenge
  • standardised with 60,000 pupils to ensure accurate benchmarking data
  • supported by a free online tool for instant progress measuring and gap analysis.

Watch our short walkthrough video:

How NFER Tests support teaching and learning

NFER Tests are supported by a free online analysis tool so you can get the most from your data with a series of reports and analysis at your fingertips. Reports include a Question Level Analysis report, highlighting how pupils have performed on specific questions compared to the standardisation sample and a Programme of Study report to help you easily identify any skills that have been negatively impacted during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many of our materials, including all spring term teacher guides, include diagnostic guidance, providing insights from our large standardisation sample. These diagnostic commentaries provide formative benefits, and enable you to quickly identify areas of strength and where further intervention is required. Identifying and anticipating common misconceptions, will inform your teaching to help overcome these and boost pupil learning.