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To drive high impact school improvement and CPD, a school should be self-critical, evaluative and adaptive. These are the marks of a research-engaged school. Our Self Review Tool helps you measure your school’s level of research engagement, signposting next steps and resources to help you work towards improving your performance.


Key benefits

This free online tool - developed alongside school leaders, researchers, education professionals and partner organisations - is available to aid early years settings, schools and colleges.

  • Full-school review with multiple staff members
  • Quick review option – complete only for yourself
  • Track school and teacher progress over time
  • Guidance for your next steps and action plan
  • Links to recommended resources, tailored to your needs.

What do you get?

The self-review will give you a measurement of your school’s level of research engagement, in turn helping you to structure your CPD and school improvement programme. The tool provides:

  • A downloadable chart for your review
  • A downloadable report signposting your next moves and highlighting key resources
  • Eight simple statements defining a research-engaged school
  • Assurance that the tool is based on certified education based evidence
  • Key information using NFER’s trusted expertise.

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