Evaluation of a School Inspections and Improvement pilot programme being implemented by PEAS, Uganda

We were independent evaluator of a Schools Inspections and Improvement programme in Eastern Uganda.

For further information on our work with PEAS see Evaluation of the PEAS-DES Inspect and Improve project endline report.

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Run by the NGO Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS), the one-year pilot programme sought to improve the quality of leadership and management in ten government-run secondary schools.  

Evaluation process

We used a mixed-methods approach for the evaluation. We conducted an adapted World Management Survey to assess changes in the quality of leadership and management in the intervention schools. At the end of the pilot, we carried out comparative case studies to understand the pilot’s impact and what caused it, as well as in-depth interviews with head teachers and teachers, programme staff and stakeholders.

The baseline for this evaluation was completed in July 2019 and the endline in July 2021. The findings of this evaluation have not only informed the scale-up of the PEAS’s school inspections intervention in government schools, but also provided recommendations for how the intervention can be delivered in a cost-effective way.