What we do

The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) is the UK’s leading independent provider of educational research, evaluation, and assessment services.

For over 70 years, we have designed and delivered robust, high quality research, analysis and assessments to the education sectors in the UK and overseas.  Our guarantee of independent and rigorous evidence is highly valued by our clients.

Over the past five years, NFER has increasingly applied its expertise in educational research, evaluation and assessment services in low and middle income countries. We have established a strong team of international education specialists to work with governments, non-governmental and civil society organisations in these countries to assist them to improve the quality of education for children and young people.

Our international education experts have successfully designed and delivered projects in a range of countries in East Africa, South Asia and the Middle East. These projects have provided policy makers and practitioners with independent, high quality research and insights, which are context specific and address their priorities. A guiding principle for our team’s work is to deliver genuinely useful evidence which delivers a practical impact on education systems.  


NFER has recently been accepted as a member of UKFIET. UKFIET’s membership is comprised of organisations involved with education and development across public, voluntary, commercial and non-commercial sectors at local, national and international levels.