Why work with NFER?

We offer robust, high-quality research, analysis and assessments; vast expertise within the education sector; the capacity to turn projects around quickly; a guarantee of independence; and value for money.

The individual needs, priorities and expectations of our international development clients are at the heart of our approach to delivering our education research, analysis and assessments.

In designing and delivering our international development work, our international education experts bring together teams from across the organisation. They can call on the expertise of over 100 qualified assessment experts, researchers, economists, psychometricians, statisticians and information specialists working at NFER. Alongside this extensive research capacity, we have access to our operational specialists who are highly skilled in managing large complex, multi-country projects.

To complement the work of our UK staff, we have established an extensive global network of international Associates and international partners.  This enables us to undertake our work for international development clients in local languages and ensure it is both culturally sensitive and informed by a deep understanding of the local context. 

All of our work, wherever in the world, is governed by internationally recognised standards for ethics and transparency.  We treat the safety of our staff conducting research, and people participating in the research, with the utmost importance. Our policies, and the way we implement them, are governed by our Code of Practice (pdf) and overseen by a Code of Practice Committee.