Thematic Expertise

We have a team of thematic experts who are committed to having a positive impact on international education systems.

Our experts strive to answer key questions about education, using a wide range of research methods.

We focus on five key themes in our international work.

Teaching and Learning

Improving the quality of teaching and learning is a priority for NFER. We offer evidence to assist the strengthening of policies and practices for teachers and school leaders around the world.


Assessment Research

Our assessment research supports education policy and practice and ensures that our assessment products, services and advice are evidence-based.


Systems and Structures

Our Systems and Structures research adopts a wide lens to view the progress made and challenges faced in education systems worldwide.



Equity and Inclusion

Our Equity and Inclusion research supports international and national policymakers, donors, and NGOs to ensure their work advances the goal of equitable education for all children and young people.


Education Technology (EdTech)Education technology icon

Our work provides evaluation of and in-depth research into the effectiveness and impact of EdTech tools targeted at students and teachers.