School Funding

Funding underpins every aspect of education, and changes in funding models have different implications for different types of schools and pupils. With the reality of finite resources, it is important to understand where and how funding may be deployed most efficiently and effectively in order to achieve better outcomes for children.

For over 70 years we have been studying different initiatives and interventions in education, evaluating what works and what doesn’t. How resources are used is as important for children’s achievements as the level of funding that schools receive. However, with recent changes to school funding in England and further changes proposed, we have been looking more closely at the overall funds that schools receive.

For example, we have looked at school funding in England within a broader international context, using international comparison data to explore how the current level of school funding, and its evolution over time, compares to other education systems.

We have also looked at the day-to-day experiences of school leaders and teachers, and how they respond to different funding initiatives, including the Pupil Premium in England.