Why Use Teacher Voice

The Teacher Voice Omnibus is a unique service that achieves samples of over 1000 current teachers and school leaders in each survey. Clients can be assured that our omnibus results are based on a sample that is representative of teachers nationally and provides a robust analysis of teachers’ views.

In the past we have worked with a wide variety of groups and organisations (such as Sheffield Hallam University, cancer charity Clic Sargent, The British Council and the Department for Education) who have used the Teacher Voice Omnibus for a wide variety of purposes:

To support academic research

Teacher Voice supplied data for the quantitative research phase of the Modes of Mentoring and Coaching (MoMaC) research project; a major research project undertaken by Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Nottingham on external mentoring of teachers of secondary science in England.

We have also worked with the University of Warwick who used Teacher Voice to test out their research findings from other methodologies.

To supplement qualitative findings

Clic Sargent, the cancer charity for children and young people, used Teacher Voice to supplement their qualitative research on the impact of cancer on young people’s education at secondary school.

To evaluate initiatives and programmes

Questions submitted by the University of Warwick formed part of their their evaluation of government initiatives to improve teachers’ skills in relation to SEN and disabilities.

To inform policy

Findings from our omnibus survey were cited in the Government’s white paper The Importance of Teaching: The Schools White Paper 2010 (CM 7980).

Findings from Teacher Voice were also used to inform Sir Jim Rose’s Independent Review of the Primary Curriculum.

To find out what teachers think

Open ended questions have elicited a wide range of views on contemporary issues such as changes to the National Curriculum, Universal Free School Meals for Year 1 and 2 and school accountability measures.

To explore awareness and involvement

The British Council ran questions to gauge the involvement of teachers and schools in international engagement initiatives.

We have also run questions for several clients tracking the awareness of initiatives over time such as pupil behaviour guidelines.

Please note that the survey is not intended for those wishing to undertake market research for a specific commercial product or service. NFER will not run questions that are biased or leading and reserves the right to refuse any questions that are not in keeping with our charitable aims.