Education to Employment

It is crucial that young people make successful transitions from education to employment. The choices they make at school, and the subsequent pathways they follow – engaging in different types of education and training, acquiring different types of qualification - lead to very different outcomes.

The Skills Imperative 2035
NFER is leading a strategic research partnership, funded by the Nuffield Foundation, to identify the essential employment skills people will need for work by 2035.

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How aware are schools of T Levels?
Our research seeks to inform the development of an education system that supports young people in their journey through education and into employment, equipping them with the skills, high-quality qualifications and information necessary for their futures, and their wider contribution to society and the economy

We are committed to helping to improve the means by which young people, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, access opportunities and information that encourage them to understand their talents and interests, and identify appropriate education pathways to employment. Our research explores the most effective ways of achieving this, and of increasing young people’s engagement with education. We also support the development of high-quality routes into employment through our research on different aspects of the many institutions, qualifications and training routes available, and how they can be strengthened.

A survey of Senior Leaders and Classroom Teachers - to find out more about this research, click here