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Educational Research, the journal of the NFER, is an international peer-reviewed research journal. Since its inception in 1958, it has contributed as a leading international forum for informed thinking on all issues of contemporary concern in education. Educational Research is committed to publishing research of interest to academics, researchers and those involved with mediating research findings to policymakers and practitioners. The journal presents research in a way that is accessible for the educational reader who may not share an author’s particular specialism or context.

Special Issue of Educational Research - Volume 63 Issue 1: Changing times, changing assessments: international perspectives

Containing original research studies from authors based in ten countries across five continents, Educational Research's new Special Issue presents an in-depth, international exploration of educational assessment at a time of change.

Whilst each of the eight papers in the Issue contributes its own unique, contextualised research story of assessment and change, the connections between the papers provide further illumination of key themes in educational assessment, including: measurement of 21st century competencies, assessment literacy, formative assessment, teacher agency, and equity and assessment. In her editorial, Liz Twist introduces the papers in the collection by reflecting on the topics, questions and challenges in assessment that resonate through the articles, providing insight into contemporary experiences of assessment at system, school and classroom level.

With studies ranging from a small-scale investigation of classroom assessment in Australia, through to a report of large-scale survey development in Japan, there is much in this Special Issue to engage educators, policymakers and researchers within the global educational community who share an interest in assessment.

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