Research Bites for Schools

Our Research Bites are designed to support schools by providing easily digestible summaries of insights and evidence-based recommendations from NFER's independent research. Published every term, these free resources suggest considerations and tips for senior leaders and teachers as you develop planning, policy and practice.

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Implementing Effective Tutoring Topic

Classroom practice: Implementing effective tutoring

Insights and practical, evidence-based recommendations to support tutoring planning and implementation in your school.

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Pupils using tablets in classroom

Classroom Practice: Taking a pupil-centred approach to using multimedia

A summary of evidence-based tips for you to consider as you choose and implement multimedia resources in maths and science.

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Teacher providing guidance to pupil

Classroom Practice: Exploring how MATs are supporting pupils with SEND

Our two Research Bites summarise learning and considerations from an NFER study exploring promising practice and effective approaches to SEND support in secondary schools.

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Impact Of Ks1 Closures

Covid-19 recovery: The impact of KS1 school closures

Insights from a unique study looking at the long-term impact on the attainment and social skills of children who were in Reception and Year One at the start of the pandemic.

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Research In Schools (1)

Covid-19 recovery: Three years on, what does research tell us?

These videos summarise insights from research looking at the impact of Covid-19 disruption on both the attainment and wellbeing of pupils.

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Research Bites Tlm 2023

Workforce: Teacher Labour Market in England Annual Report 2024

This summary sets out evidence-informed areas of focus and practical actions school leaders may wish to consider as you plan recruitment and retention activity.

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