Research & Evaluations

We carry out a wide range of research and evaluations to answer key questions about education, in the UK and internationally. Clients value our high-quality, independent, services that draw on the research, assessment and education expertise of our staff.

We also undertake our own research in key areas where we believe we can add value to policy and practice. The breadth and scale of our work gives us a systematic view of education, linking together evidence from different areas to give a wider perspective.

Our work ranges from pure research into curricular areas or education and social issues, to evaluating the value-for-money, impact or effectiveness of organisations and initiatives supporting education.

Our teams of professional researchers, statisticians, psychometricians, economists, trials and assessment experts, policy analysts and information specialists have extensive experience and expertise combined with deep subject knowledge. We all work together, collaborating to bring the appropriate set of skills to each project. We work across all areas of qualitative and quantitative research, applying the most appropriate research techniques.

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