This is a deeply concerning and uncertain time for everyone in education around the world and across all communities. The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the temporary closure of education institutions affecting over 91% of the world’s student populations. We are working with our partners in low and middle income countries to minimise risks to them, students, teachers and our teams in carrying out our work. Going forward, we will utilise our research and evaluation expertise to assist teachers and school leaders to fully understand the impacts of the pandemic and to inform policies and practices which will address them.

The lives of children and young people worldwide are inextricably linked to the amount and quality of education they receive. At NFER, our mission is to improve outcomes for future generations everywhere and to support positive change across education systems.

NFER has a growing portfolio of research, evaluation and assessment projects delivered in collaboration with international development partners. You can find out more on these pages. If you want information on our work in the UK and overseas outside of the international development sector, please visit

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