NFER collaborates with an extensive range of international Associates

The global education specialists and researchers in our Associates pool span the range of  NFER’s expertise, including international education and development, research and evaluation, assessment and fieldwork. NFER manages its Associates pool to ensure it is of the highest quality.  We carefully match our Associates to the projects which require their particular skills and expertise. Our Associates are integral members of our project teams and enable us to field highly performing teams with the right set of skills for our clients’ work.

Join our Associates pool

We are actively seeking global education and assessment specialists to join our pool. Please get in touch via and tell us about your skills and experience. We are interested to hear about your country-level experience, as well as any methodological or thematic expertise. We are always on the lookout for good people to work with.

We would be particularly interested in hearing from people with experience of developing assessments on literacy, numeracy and 21st century skills for use in low and middle income countries. We would also welcome contact from people who have experience of conducting research into the use of assessments and the purpose, reliability and efficacy of different assessment tools and methods, including national and international assessments, e-assessment, assessment for learning and the reform of assessment systems.

What is an NFER Associate?

As an NFER Associate, you will work with us to support the development of education systems around the world, including in low and middle-income countries. You will be integral to our teams, working with our specialists in education research and assessment, taking on considerable roles best suited to your skills and interests. We offer competitive rates for flexible opportunities on short or long-term contracts, both in the UK and internationally.

NFER’s International development key themes

NFER’s international development work focuses on five key themes:

Please get in touch by emailing to tell us about your experience in advancing any of our five key themes.

Looking for a new challenge? We welcome contact from proactive, reliable, experienced education specialists and researchers with skills and experience in:

We also advertise specific Associate recruitment opportunities on our Careers site and recommend you sign up for our job alerts.