Clients and Partners

We collaborate with a diverse range of international development clients providing them with high quality research, assessment services and evaluations to improve education outcomes around the world. Our clients include:

  • United Nations – UNICEF, UNESCO
  • Multilateral Institutions – World Bank, OECD
  • International NGOs and Foundations - Global Campaign for Education, Save the Children, Promoting Equality in African Schools, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • National Governments and their agencies – British Council, CDC


Global Network of Partners
In order to expand and further the reach and impact of our work, NFER has established international partnerships to successfully deliver projects globally. NFER has delivered a number of projects with international partners and we work closely with partners as we continue to expand our global network.

Current partners include research organisations, consulting firms, academic institutions and other organisations with similar capacities and the capability to conduct field research with local knowledge.

UKFIET LogoNFER is a member of UKFIET, and shares its commitment to promoting and strengthening international education and development for all, regardless of gender, ethnicity, nationality, and other differences.  As members, we join a community of professional expertise that serves as a resource to policy-makers in multi-lateral, government, and non-government organisations, and to other institutions and agencies.

Some of the partners we have worked with include:


Neil Butcher & Associates (NBA)

For information on NBA see

To learn more about how we have worked with NBA read our case study on Expanding the use of e-assessment in Rwanda.



For information on Forcier see

To learn more about how we have worked with Forcier read our case study on Evaluation of the Successful Transition and Advancement of Rights for Girls (STAR-G) project in Mozambique


Gmaurich, Kenya

For information on Gmaurich Limited Company see

To learn more about how we have worked with Gmaurich read our case study on Understanding Teacher Attendance in Embu County, Kenya

We are looking to expand our network of partners. If your organisation is  experienced in conducting research in low and middle income countries and would like to partner with NFER, please contact us by emailing