Our work

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We have a strong and growing team of international education specialists. Our rigorous research, evaluation and assessment work in Africa, Asia and the Middle East has established NFER’s reputation as a trusted and respected voice on education in low and middle income countries.

For information on our work in other countries visit our International page.

Our mission
Our mission, which guides all of our work worldwide, is to improve educational outcomes for children and young people, and support positive change across education systems.  As an independent, not-for-profit organisation, our international development work is driven by this mission.  Any operating surplus from this work is reinvested in our research and development activities that benefit education worldwide.

Our international development clients
Our range of international development clients and partners include government departments and agencies in low and middle income countries. We also work with international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), private and public companies, employers and other organisations with an interest in advancing education in low and middle income countries.