Tokens and Subscriptions

NFER Online Assessments (NOA) are available both as individual tokens or one-year subscriptions, so you can decide which option (or whether both) best align with your assessment strategy.  

The table below outlines the features of both tokens and subscriptions options and who they are suitable for.

Tokens Subscriptions

One token is equivalent to one assessment (e.g. all three Maths tests), per pupil, subject, year, and term e.g.  Maths, Year 3, Autumn.

Subscriptions cover all three terms: Autumn, Spring, and Summer across a selected year group and subject e.g. Reading, Year 3 covers Autumn, Spring, and Summer Assessments.

Each token is valid for one year.

Each subscription is valid for one-year.

Minimum purchase is one token.

Subscription package is based on school size.

Suitable for: Schools who want to try out NOA for the first time or use it on a term-by-term basis or with a small group of pupils.

Suitable for: Schools who want to use NOA across all three terms in one or more classes.


NOA Price List


  • £2.40 per token (standard price, excluding VAT)*

*To celebrate the launch of NOA we are offering customers a discounted 2024 Autumn term token price of £1.90 per token valid from Monday 2 September – Thursday 31 October 2024 (inclusive).

Subscription per subject (Reading or Maths):

Subscription prices depend on the size of your classes and how many of these classes will require NFER Online Assessments.

The table below outlines the price associated with the school/class size.

Subscription size - number of pupils Price
30 £205.20 (excl. VAT)
45 £307.80 (excl. VAT)
60 £410.40 (excl. VAT)






Please note, if you are a larger school we can offer packages for your pupils. Please contact our Schools Partnership Manager, Nichola Giles at: [email protected] for more information.

Find out more about NOA

Visit our NOA homepage and get a free video sample of the product.

Further support

If you would to discuss these options or any other assessment needs you may have, please contact our Schools Partnership Manager, Nichola Giles at: [email protected] who will be happy to arrange a meeting.