Year 6 Assessments

As part of our range of assessments for years 1-6, year 6 materials are available for the autumn and spring terms, enabling you to:

  • reliably monitor attainment and progress in and across year 6
  • benchmark pupil performance against the performance of pupils nationally
  • identify common misunderstandings or errors in pupils’ work
  • maximise the impact of assessment, with formative next-steps guidance
  • assess specific skills to support pupils ahead of their transition into secondary school.

To help maximise the impact of assessment in year 6, diagnostic commentaries are included, which enable the assessments to be used formatively.

Year 6 Sample Materials


How you’ll benefit from our diagnostic guidance

Formative assessment can be particularly useful to help identify strengths and weaknesses and areas of focus. NFER’s diagnostic guidance shows common errors made by a large scale standardisation group, to help you identify and overcome common misconceptions and boost learning. Each year 6 teacher guide includes an extensive diagnostic guidance booklet, including information such as patterns of performance broken down by attainment groups: higher, middle and lower. Valuable next-steps guidance is also included to help plan teaching and intervention.


Free online analysis

All NFER Tests include access to an online analysis tool, providing simple, yet powerful analysis of all your tests data! Easily navigate a series of reports to analyse pupil performance, identify strengths and weaknesses and inform planning for the whole cohort and individuals.