Bite into Writing

Bite into Writing is a new educational resource that supports year 6 teachers in the teaching and assessment of writing.

Developed in collaboration with highly experienced authors, Bite into Writing offers a flexible, non-prescriptive approach to activities that encourage students to develop a broad range of written material. Based on quality published texts, it also includes spotlight texts written by the authors that help inspire further written work. Books 1 and 2 in the series of year 6 teaching resources are available now.


The extensive material in Bite into Writing includes:

  • talk and explore activities to stimulate discussion 
  • write-bites to promote short-burst, incidental writing
  • spotlight texts with helpful teaching prompts to support grammar and punctuation, text structure, vocabulary and the writer’s voice
  • showcase writing prompts that offer a choice of extended writing opportunities and encourage pupils to build a diverse collection of writing
  • exemplars with commentaries and annotations to help support teachers in their assessment of varied pieces of writing.


“My pupils fell in love with the characters from the well-chosen stories used in Bite into Writing. Using the materials has deepened my learning, both as a teacher and a consultant.” Education Consultant and LA Lead Moderator