Key Stage 1 Assessments

Our key stage 1 assessment range includes mathematics and reading assessments for use in the year 1 spring and summer terms and the year 2 autumn and spring terms.

We understand the importance of making key stage 1 assessments accessible for very young pupils, which is why we have carefully developed our materials with this in mind. When you choose our assessments, you’ll benefit from:

Child-friendly materials

  • Assessments begin in the spring term of year 1 to ensure pupils have a suitable level of curriculum knowledge before completing their first paper-based assessments.
  • Papers are colourful and engaging, and provide visual support to contextualise questions or to use as a calculation aid where appropriate.

Tiered assessments

  • In year 1, one paper in each subject is provided for all pupils and a second for pupils who can work more independently.
  • In year 2, materials reflect the style and challenge of the end of key stage 1 national curriculum tests, building familiarity through tiered papers to be taken by all pupils.

Age-appropriate scaffolding

  • Teachers deliver year 1 assessments aurally to help guide pupils through
    the questions and to limit the demand on pupils to the specific skills being
  • Flexible administration of assessment allows teachers to adapt to the
    individual needs of their class.

To review the quality typical of our assessment materials, browse our full range of sample materials.

Free analysis tool and next steps guidance

NFER Tests are supported by a free online analysis tool so you can convert your data into a series of useful analyses and reports. In addition, our spring term teacher guides include diagnostic commentaries, providing formative benefits to help identify strengths and weaknesses and provide next-steps guidance. 

Learn more about the online analysis tool

Learn more about our diagnostic guidance