A new partnership will help schools and MATs monitor primary school pupils’ learning performance

Monday 6 November 2023

NFER Tests and the management information system provider, Arbor, are now working in partnership to enable schools to benchmark their pupils' performance against other schools across the country. 

Identifying and supporting primary school pupils who need additional learning support is crucial in improving their educational outcomes. Being able to track pupils’ performance and progression quickly can help leaders develop strategies to support pupils who are most in need, and often the most disadvantaged. 

It also means schools can hone in on areas of the curriculum which require more teaching.  

Schools will save time as staff will gain access to overviews of their pupils’ data. In fact, a recent survey revealed 92 per cent of current Arbor users found Arbor saved them time. MATs benefit from seeing Trust-wide assessment marks for every student, enabling them to benchmark their schools and identify schools and students which need extra support.  

They will gain access to data including: 

  • Their school performance term-on-term, year-on-year, and pupil demographics
  • Assessment marks for each pupil in the Trust 
  • Custom reports including curriculum reports 

The tool is available via a new partnership between NFER Tests and Arbor. It brings together NFER Test’s free online analysis tool for schools and Arbor’s Management Information System (MIS) for schools and Multi Academy Trusts (MATs). 

You can visit the new web-pages and find out more here.

Abby Coften, NFER’s Head of Product Marketing and Strategy, said: 

“We are delighted to be working with Arbor on our first partnership to connect Arbor’s MIS with the results of NFER Tests for schools and MATs. The Arbor and NFER Tests integration will provide support to Multi Academy Trusts and schools to gain the insights they need in one single view. 

“At NFER, we understand the education landscape is constantly evolving, and we will be continuing to explore new ways to support schools and MATs using our tests to help improve pupil outcomes.”