Impact Evaluation of the Teach First Training Programme

Dawson McLean and Jack Worth

07 September 2023

The progression and retention of Teach First teachers

The impact of the Teach First Training Programme on schools and pupils

NFER was commissioned by Teach First to conduct a two-part impact evaluation of the Teach First Training Programme. We have published two reports summarising the findings from the two parts.

The first analysed the progression and retention of Teach First Ambassadors, using Initial Teacher Training and School Workforce Census data to highlight the different career trajectories of Teach First teachers compared to those who train through higher education and school- and employment-based training routes.

The second analysed the impact on the workforce and pupil attainment in schools that recruited one or more Teach First trainees, compared to otherwise similar schools which did not recruit Teach First trainees.

Key Findings

  • Teach First teachers were more likely to be in leadership positions early in their careers.
  • The difference in retention rates between Teach First teachers and other routes has improved substantially over time.
  • After recruiting their first Teach First trainee, GCSE attainment in secondary school departments that recruited a Teach First trainee was statistically significantly higher than in similar┬ádepartments in comparison schools.

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