NFER Tests Analysis Tool

Easily analyse pupil performance and inform planning for your whole cohort or individuals with NFER's online analysis tool.

Access to the tool is free with NFER Tests, enabling you to:

  • record all NFER Tests and national curriculum tests data in one secure area
  • instantly convert raw scores to standardised & age-standardised scores
  • produce instant reports to share with staff, parents and Ofsted
  • generate multiple logins for staff to easily share and view test data
  • create custom reports by key stage, year, class, and filter by pupil demographics.

With NFER's analysis tool reports you can easily evaluate how pupils are progressing relative to other pupils in your cohort and against a nationally representative sample of over 60,000 pupils.


Attainment Comparison
Make a direct comparison between pupils’ scores on two different assessments.
Individual Progress
Show pupils’ standardised scores and the age-related expectations on the summer reading and maths tests.
Question Level Analysis
Gain a more granular breakdown of results by question instead of test.
Programme of Study
View your class average areas of curriculum focus.

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