MyTutor - Online GCSE tuition

MyTutor provides online one-to-one tutoring using university students from selected universities as tutors. Its schools’ programme provides tuition to underperforming pupils, often from more disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) has commissioned NFER to conduct an independent evaluation of the programme. This will be in the form of a randomised controlled trial and will involve around 100 secondary schools in England. Half of the schools will receive tutoring from MyTutor and the remaining half will make up the control group carrying on with business as usual. In each of the schools receiving MyTutor, 20 Year 11 pupils will receive 20 weekly one-to-one tutoring sessions in mathematics in the lead up to their mathematics GCSE. The tutoring will take place in the academic year 2021- 2022. The trial will compare the pupils’ attainment in their maths GCSE across the two groups (those who received MyTutor and those who did not) to measure the impact of the programme on maths attainment. Any changes in the pupils’ confidence in mathematics will also be captured.